Research Focus

  • German, European, and US corporate law
  • German, European, and US capital market and banking law
  • Economic and decision-theoretical foundations of contract law
  • Economic analysis of law
  • Comparative law

Recent publications in English

  • Activist Short Sellers under EU Financial Markets Regulation, in: Revue Internationale des services financiers / International Journal for Financial Services [RISF] Volume 2021, Number 4, p. 52.
  • Compensation, but no Rewards for Whistleblowers? – Some Thoughts on the Introduction of Financial Incentive Programmes in the Wake of the EU Whistleblower Directive’s Transposition, in: Zeitschrift für Europäisches Privatrecht [ZEuP], 2022, 82-107.
  • Book review: Johannes W. Flume’s book „Marktaustausch“, in ERCL, 2020, Issue 4, pp.557–561.
  • Economics of remedies – the perspective of corporate law, in: Law of Remedies, edited by Franz Hofmann und Franziska Kurz, Cambridge 2019 (Intersentia Ltd), p. 81-106.


A list of all publications in English can be found here. More information on Google Scholar, SSRN or our German Website.